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Tech: How to add OpenCL support for AMD Crimson beta drivers (Radeon HD 5000 series)?

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Halo. Today very simple way to add OpenCL support for 1st AMD Crimson beta driver. Link to original topic: https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/non-gcn-crimson-and-opencl.407531/ Link to replacing packages (my backup): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QgTzOqZwv5_G6kZef8C5r3JrtjosLYB4/view?usp=sharing Main music (used in this video): "Swagger" by Quincas Moreira (the file is taken from YouTube's Creator Studio as a free music which it means that: 1. I can use them (make money on YT's service), and 2. I don't have to mention about credits, but I want to do it because 1. I always appreciate someone else's work. 2. I want to show my support for independent music. Thanks for watching! Janek z Janek 2018

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