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Link - https://www.sendspace.com/file/0yn6tu

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OCDwolfMAN (2 days ago)
POS newbs need to cheat in a game that isnt even competitive... learn to enjoy the game or uninstall
ViperineZer0 (3 days ago)
some virus?
emo gamer (5 days ago)
just rust server lol noob
Sam Green (9 days ago)
can you use this on official server?
사람 (11 days ago)
Could you use this on official server and uploading ur play?
Yellow Pizza (11 days ago)
Is this still undetected?
RVP Gaming (25 days ago)
how to install
ReNoID (25 days ago)
Open in winrar
PepeTheGangRapist (1 month ago)
does this work tho?
ReNoID (1 month ago)
looks dope.
Alex Geer (1 month ago)
Nice cheat

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