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Rust Hacking #3: Bow aimbot and Ez Loot

122 ratings | 25398 views
Cheat used: https://blacksector.solutions/refer/4053/ Rust hack Rust cheat Rust cheat 2017 Rust hacking Rust blacksector

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Text Comments (51)
matthiasfsa (20 days ago)
I hope you get banned into oblivion.
BirdPlaysGames (1 month ago)
U ruin the game
modding links (2 months ago)
Omg your bad with hacks lol
Nasro Gaming (3 months ago)
Dortys (3 months ago)
Can tou get banned?
Mgc McGtaCod (4 months ago)
ez loot because of your fucking hacks, you cant do any of that shit with your skills mate
Napoleon Blownapart (5 months ago)
You were stupid to show your username
Arthur Theodoro (5 months ago)
KR DROID (5 months ago)
Vc acha que está certo seu Noob tem que baixar hack seu lixo
Guilherme Camargo (5 months ago)
matthew scott (5 months ago)
its bullshit that so many people are willing to buy this... smh
Zaphod Beeblebrox (6 months ago)
This is why I stick to single player games.
Aiko Mistune (6 months ago)
LOL Vietnamese
ZayWave (6 months ago)
this deserves to be taken down
Daniel Slater (7 months ago)
wtf is the point of playing rust like this doesn't even look like fun or a challenge, fucking hacking scum.
H&F Compilation videos (7 months ago)
name of first music
CrySuz NOR (7 months ago)
Holy shit, need cheats to play Rust and clearly does not know what to switch items with. Keeping 22 mushrooms instead of pipes? Ok
RuStY2H (8 months ago)
I bet you have no life
TBieb (8 months ago)
Tall_Midget (8 months ago)
Hmmm DOnt like hacks but I like the idea of a solo wiping a fucking zerg with a bow! cus I fucking hate zergs that hunt nakeds for fun and rle anround with aks
GodDi4mond (8 months ago)
Report this fucking hacker
Alex W (9 months ago)
guess there is allot of pple who cant play properly so they need to hack. scumbags get a life dont make a dick move like these hackers
I RaNgO I (9 months ago)
I hate people like you
Ali Kazmi (9 months ago)
why does it say coming soon on their website??
BlackVirtue (9 months ago)
Lol, I'm looking at how you move, loot - you're a complete fucking lame piece of shit. Go kill yourself, retard. You won't succeed even in Sims without cheats.
Angle (9 months ago)
inv us aye
12_gauge (10 months ago)
Game ruined. You suck
Warrior Ruby (10 months ago)
When i will be available to buy it?
Hacker Only (10 months ago)
Jack Peters (10 months ago)
Why is hack down and for how long
buck. (11 months ago)
nice to know how02 is still going strong.
ori izhaki (11 months ago)
you are fucking looser lame littel shit and you look like a 40 year old that lives with his mom
OutRunHNS (8 months ago)
that didnt make much sense
deep (11 months ago)
1st song name?
Christian (1 year ago)
Are you trying to bring attention to it so it gets found faster or are you advertising the cheat?
FlenTiX (1 year ago)
People like you are just cancer and ruin the game. People put a lot of effort into this game, where as you, the lazy fuck dont give a shit about them.
Kajack Henderson (1 year ago)
I hate cheater fu.. U noob player you merited ban
Juzeqlee (1 year ago)
şerefsiz aferin
RUST HACK (8 months ago)
sell private cheat for rust in this hack is implemented all the features for a good game price hack for a month $ 30 . and forever 80 .about buying write in Skype LEXA LEXAA on the picture of the girl in black bra
Juzeqlee (11 months ago)
YunusEmre[131] 131 hackler tabi bedavaya neden hile yapsinlar sikerler pcni oyle
YunusEmre[131] 131 (11 months ago)
Juzeqlee laf etme mk ben yaklasim 4 aydir ariom bir dogru hile bulamadim amciklar hep pcmi hackledi hep format attim
ManZee (1 year ago)
6:16 almost got u tho ;)
Joseph (1 year ago)
Why are you advertising a HACK. Are you serious. RUST is trying to get rid of HACKERS and you have the BALLS to make a video on what the hack does??? Not sure where your going with this
lelsinä (1 year ago)
nonchalant (1 year ago)
gay you are
lelsinä (1 year ago)
when will black sector be out of development?
Christian (11 months ago)
It doesnt seem to be for sale on their site.
nonchalant (1 year ago)
its not in development they are just making it undetected i currently use it almost every day
CroNeX X (1 year ago)
Starina LastTime (1 year ago)
Royale Hack be back?
nonchalant (1 year ago)
this is blacksector

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