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Text Comments (238)
Trevor (2 months ago)
I love when people bitch about you missing shots with aimbot as if you can control that
Boosey (2 months ago)
ikr lol
cocoz (1 day ago)
James Adam (4 days ago)
Is there cheats that i cloud buy with paymentwall :? pls help
Patrick Schmidt (4 days ago)
People like you should have the testicle fucking burnt because people that two hours work on rust can you mostly tell everyone to hack yeah I know it’s a game but still people still like this game more than I like fucking hackers like you the only reason you hackers because you can’t play the game great job mate
Maverick (5 days ago)
holy god thats Obv as hell lmao
Lemonix (5 days ago)
Outro Song?
Mita (7 days ago)
outro song?
Rowdy (19 days ago)
you suck cunt try get good at a game without hacks scumbag
jackinthesack (20 days ago)
Lol shitter
357Kev.O (20 days ago)
what a fag lol, hacks on modded
Switch ™ (21 days ago)
fucking fgt kys
Mehmet Can Fındık (23 days ago)
Jonesy (24 days ago)
Can't wait for hacking little cunts like you to die irl.
Xroy Happy (25 days ago)
My Russian
Jac3ntek Gaming TV (25 days ago)
bitch boy gay
Darklord (26 days ago)
Gay motherfucker cheater i make sure you not play rust anymore fucker! ip for game and youtube login are identical and facepunch catch you fucker
Domboogie Gaming (29 days ago)
Fake don't do it
Maluhia808 (30 days ago)
no wonder the rust community is dying fricken hacks and toxic community
DigitalKnight (1 month ago)
thx now i can be even more bad at the game!
Itz_RaidAway (1 month ago)
sub to my channel and ill sub back and you will get a free cookie btw
Leo Seiwald (1 month ago)
Boosey (1 month ago)
Flarez (1 month ago)
How do you even get likes your subs are sad
B P (1 month ago)
fuck you piece of shit hacker
Mark Collins (1 month ago)
Wow a cheater awesome - some people need all the help they can get - they are just not that good at the game.
Alberto Cruz (1 month ago)
wtf is this shit? you are a looser
JD_uk93 (1 month ago)
Has anyone actually got this to work? I don’t get why you have to sign in using your google account, straight after clicking the link. Seems like a password stealer to me. Only way for me to try it is to make a new google account and see if it works. I it works I’ll be happy as hell. Everyone seems to be using aimbots on Rust except me.
이웅 (1 month ago)
nice hack bro
Donald Keyes (1 month ago)
modded ... hacking and sounds like a nerd
Janice Webster (1 month ago)
hi there
Andersenjonas (1 month ago)
Ur a fucking cunt!!!!!
ooo오리타운 (1 month ago)
if use it? then i get banned it banned is serverban or account ban?
BanditoBarrito (1 month ago)
Yo boosey is there any way I could buy the hack straight from you rather than the website? Don’t feel too good about giving them my id
EcOLoPsE Shocker (1 month ago)
EcOLoPsE Shocker (1 month ago)
what i thought pussy+++++++++++++++++++++++
EcOLoPsE Shocker (1 month ago)
Bunch of bs if ur not good dont just immediatly resort to hacking just get practice like damn people wanna play this game and not run into pqe`ople have the advantage because of a download just fucking stop
EcOLoPsE Shocker (1 month ago)
like tell me plz
EcOLoPsE Shocker (1 month ago)
y do u have to ruin the game fo reveryone else
Boosey (1 month ago)
EcOLoPsE Shocker can't wait to hack in this game again xd
SirLoinz (1 month ago)
piece of shit even with hacks
CPT PLAYZ (1 month ago)
JageR stole ur content lmao
Boosey (1 month ago)
Kedevik (1 month ago)
please dont ruin rust man
Erapa Teddy (1 month ago)
Vimiks (1 month ago)
Also your discord links are expired 😤😤😤😤😤😤
Boosey (1 month ago)
Vimiks (1 month ago)
I love this style, most people just put music behind it and things
EpitomeEdits (1 month ago)
please Boosey dude don't cheat in this game , we already got enough cheaters in csgo and rainbow six it's the last game i got that doesn't have as MANY hackers...
EpitomeEdits (1 month ago)
what xd
u sleepin (1 month ago)
Epitome- what?
EpitomeEdits (1 month ago)
u sleepin what
u sleepin (1 month ago)
Epitome- fortnite?
GÖKHAN YILDIZ (1 month ago)
website doenst work, where can i download it?
Canal do Alli (1 month ago)
Fuck YouTube asshole... Reported to YouTube... You'll Lost your Channel ;) say goodbye tô 24k subs o/ see ya
RealAZoid (1 month ago)
Literally the worst thing in rust
pronomix pl (2 months ago)
i can get new link?
Essential (2 months ago)
intro song?
Perssons Gaming (2 months ago)
link doesn't work
Perssons Gaming (2 months ago)
did you ever get banned?
Paxus (2 months ago)
cheaters are PATHETIC
Deadly Snake (2 months ago)
u suck , u need hacks to play , because u cant kill a single player without it lul.
ijks2 ftw (2 months ago)
I really wanna play with a hacker just to see what happens but idk anyone
ijks2 ftw (1 month ago)
Peter Parker he got banned but im still standing :/
Peter Parker (1 month ago)
if you play with a hacker and he gets banned from the server you will get banned from the server too because you are a hacker buddy
Olegaz! (2 months ago)
Suck a dick.
-btR- (2 months ago)
intro song please?
-btR- (2 months ago)
Boosey (2 months ago)
A.L Nizudo (2 months ago)
Does this still work?
Spark (2 months ago)
Still UD ?
Benjamin Valvik (2 months ago)
Don't ruin the game! The devs r working really hard. And we don't want the community ruined :/
Lyqe (2 months ago)
fuckin loser
Tucker (2 months ago)
stop ruining the game
Tucker (2 months ago)
dont cheat kids its not worth it
dobbz _ (2 months ago)
This is why this game is fucking dead
Nallx (2 months ago)
Does this cheat still work
xn ia (2 months ago)
cheating on a boosted server, how rough is real life for you?
Jay Lamb (1 month ago)
does this cheat still work or?
Boosey (2 months ago)
You are aware that this video is 2 months old right lol but thanks for the view and comment.
Rita Scanlan (2 months ago)
aimbotting with m2 and you still die because you are that bad
Cooper The Engineer (2 months ago)
Even with ambot he's ass
Script Kiddie (2 months ago)
link no work
Bobziee (2 months ago)
Astaroth (2 months ago)
mt zom goxtei lique
Astaroth (2 months ago)
Ban (2 months ago)
what most people don't seem to understand here is that hacking and cheating are 2 completely different things. if i create a *hack* that allows you to do certain things that you normally couldn't do and *cheating* is when you abuse that hack. if i create a gun and you decide to shoot a school with it, its not my fault. i don't condone cheating but hacking is fun and takes alot of skill and brain to perfect. hacking in itself is by no means about ruining the game for others but about wether you can do it or not, its a challenge just like landing a 360 no scope from miles away.
Aaron Crosier (1 month ago)
Using hacks is cheating...using hacks would be called hacking...hacking is cheating ...big fat duuuuuurp
deadmeh (2 months ago)
I'm re-reading yours and you are right it is retarded. Get a job, get good and get a life.
ItzD3fW1sH (2 months ago)
Lmao you fucking retard reread your comment and realise how dumb it is.
deadmeh (2 months ago)
This kid isn't making hacks so stop sucking his cock, if you can make the hacks fair enough you are smart though I doubt there is anyone on the planet that can solo make hacks for all the popular games and have them updated. Also by hacking you are ruining the game for others. Creating a hack is one thing, using it is another also please there are so many capture the flag, bounty, black hat legal ways to fucking do hacking shit no excuse.
Joseph Ford (2 months ago)
Funniest part is the hacks I had you never heard of and were way better than yours
Joseph Ford (2 months ago)
Boosey I don't see where you said the hack was not yours your description is vague if that's what you are talking about?
Boosey (2 months ago)
Never said it was my cheat?
SwaglockOfDestiny (2 months ago)
yooo i cant get to the wbesite where u got the cheat :(
TiGabriel (2 months ago)
Nice intro and outro
Boosey (2 months ago)
minorblooD l (2 months ago)
people like you always ruining games like this.. virgin idiot
brillz winn (2 months ago)
Lol kids like this are such fucking losers its unreal
Aaron C (2 months ago)
Douche bag cheater, just hang yourself.
Doge Alert (2 months ago)
Is it free?My page want load
LingerSoul (2 months ago)
Most rust hacks last like a few days at the most then they're banned.
Boosey (2 months ago)
ZekoZK (2 months ago)
Its work ?
JnRexx (2 months ago)
why the fck is the “acting like innocent guys” here
Seth Martin (2 months ago)
This guys is what you call a megaFaggot.
Boosey (2 months ago)
WalrusFilmsWTF (2 months ago)
too bad website doesn't work
Isefomazz (2 months ago)
Pro نشر (2 months ago)
hhh noob
RAIDEN (2 months ago)
bimbi minchia che usano hack >!!!!!!
TJ Glosser (2 months ago)
ur pussy ruining the game pls kys asshole
Awais Abdul Khaliq (2 months ago)
dies m2 vs m2 while having HACK. ROFL
koko tope (2 months ago)
hey man u still sell im wanting to buy ?
huri schwuli (2 months ago)
fuck you
Jumanji比赛之王 (2 months ago)
Bruce Harrington (2 months ago)
Man that shit retarded op ugh fuck all hackers man. Dont see the fun in it and bro frfr tho if u gonna cheat n hack dont shit..cuz ur balls are basically raisins to do it in the first place cmon now
MARCELLO JiGow (3 months ago)
Dreams of Slaughter 666 (3 months ago)
Wish it was free...
zzzpro eeepro (3 months ago)
god ban
zzzpro eeepro (3 months ago)
no god hacks
Matt (3 months ago)
Why hacking tho... you probably ruined the game of some guys just get a real experience and be good
XpErDiiCe (3 months ago)
is it free
Doc. Cynical (3 months ago)
Bro how to activate in game?
Matt Simpson (3 months ago)
Kill Yourself.
Kitodaru (3 months ago)
What piece of shit u are ,a fucking looser witch cant enjoy in game so beautiful
Basil (3 months ago)
JarAxe (3 months ago)
You're a sad sad human being.
Falcon Gaming (3 months ago)
Make a DAyZ hack free
Falcon Gaming (3 months ago)
its not free

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