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RUST PLAYERS REACT TO MY HACKS! Hey guys, today thanks to Hyper cheats I jumped on Rust with hacks! And I decided to tell players their name before I got close to them to see their reaction.. If you want a part 2 of this then HIT the like button! Hyper Cheats - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fair Use Act Disclaimer: Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I now stream on TWITCH! Don't miss out! https://www.twitch.tv/realrippedrobby Also Follow Me On: Instagram: Ripped_Robby Twitter: @Ripped_Robby_ Snapchat: Robbywashburnn

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Text Comments (1146)
Life Of Empu (11 hours ago)
Legit fucking kill yourself
Laila Nymoen (4 days ago)
Elbahi Madani (5 days ago)
100$ the cheat for 7 days are you fk kidding me ?
What is name software
Verdax PvP (8 days ago)
RUST 2018 UNDETECTED HACKS AND SCRIPTS FOR CHEAP Discord: https://discord.gg/F69B39
Galaxy music fan boy (9 days ago)
holy crap thats way to expencive i cant aford that looooooooooool im broke
ollgamer (9 days ago)
LOL 100 bucks for 7 days?LOL nice cheat bruh
CR. MASTER (10 days ago)
ligmasorousrex (10 days ago)
Guys I found where you can get a good rust hack for not to expensive! https://selly. gg/u/killmenow03 put link together you buy with bitcoin or ethereum
Allahu-A (11 days ago)
10:02 Aim-lock collateral
Mj2hogan (12 days ago)
motion blur makes it unwatchable
The Kraken (12 days ago)
like a real retard man....congrats
DreamZGames (12 days ago)
"YOU SHUT UP CUNT" hahahaahha that kid so funny 3:02
Envy (13 days ago)
Rustafied savas ha?...
ortencia torres (14 days ago)
fuck you
Ryan Kelly (16 days ago)
What the hell is Rust
Falcon Gaming (16 days ago)
Can you link the hack?
ligmasorousrex (10 days ago)
Dude I found where you can get a good rust hack for not to expensive! https://selly. gg/u/killmenow03 put link together you buy with bitcoin or ethereum
master games (18 days ago)
fack you hacker
Peckener (19 days ago)
Go hang yourself making money off hack! Just bad!
Kevin Jooste (20 days ago)
Disliked for promoting the use of hacks... "GO CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE THEY HAVE HACKS FOR A BUNCH OF OTHER GAMES"
LanLock Gaming (20 days ago)
your not doing any favors for ironside computers, you build gaming computers and gamers dont much care for hackers dude. wtf are you thinking, theres no such thing as testing or experimenting with hacks , you either hack or you dont .
nabih sharif (20 days ago)
I checked the hacks , and its 2400$ a year :p
shane mcinnerny (21 days ago)
wow your a big D promoting hacking websites im not shore how you have this many subscribers . This the most uncreative Trolling video ive ever seen. what a scum bag
Allen Morseman (21 days ago)
I came here just to thumb you down. Cheaters ruin games. This is bottom shelf content. Anyone who likes this content is the reason great games die.
Phoenix LSM (21 days ago)
Why the fuck are you advertising hacks for games dude...!
Commie Fuck3r (21 days ago)
no one likes hackers in rust
Point Broken (21 days ago)
Promoting hacks lmao
Jan Lea (21 days ago)
if u actually like rust u will dislike this video and play fair like everyone else. If youre not good to to servers and learn to improve
- LuckyAce - (22 days ago)
"He can see your name from wherever you are he's a hacker" Better watch out he is Lite Yagami and he will write your name in his notebook and kill you
Nightcore Nightbule (22 days ago)
there is a guy using ur video to spread a fake rust hack that is a virus
Rcham (24 days ago)
You're literal scum
yaboiAlex yaboiAlex (25 days ago)
ass hole dont use hacks no matter what
Nick March (25 days ago)
Shitty hackers
Quickshot Playz (27 days ago)
Honesty Robby, i like to watch you mess around on private cod lobbies with mods and such, but messing around with hacks and PROMOTING THEM in RUST is a very very bad thing. Rust is much more Competitive than a game like cod so hacking can ruin someone elses game unlike cod where you can just join a new lobby. In rust you can ruin someones wipe with hacks making the game so much harder for everyone else, making them not even want to play anymore. Just the other day i was in a wipe and we were just getting aimbotted and ESP'd by a group of hackers and it is not a fun experience, play the game normally like everyone else or dont play at all. This is not a "hate mail" message, its just a piece of my mind, i still like you and your cod video's but promoting hacks on rust is a bit scummy to say the least.
budsatawny (29 days ago)
More vids funny!
This Is My Name (30 days ago)
Young izi (30 days ago)
DocShifty (1 month ago)
http://www.swiftgames.org/ Wink wink
Mr.Bestbeatsboomer (1 month ago)
Roses are red This poems a trick So get on your knees And suck my dick
lvlaple4Ever (1 month ago)
God that squeaker in the beginning needs to be disciplined.
Brian Scott (1 month ago)
literally you need to kill yourself.
Raimonds Johansons (1 month ago)
Wtf, shit video fucking hacker ban ban like this players
Electric Bloxxer (1 month ago)
4:53 "Oh yeah man now we are scissoring each other" LOL
The_MadMan 1234 (1 month ago)
I was about to buy the level 1 fortnite pack bit they don't support AMD processors rip
Mr_UnTouchablez _ (1 month ago)
More rust!
Military YT (1 month ago)
The link ?
Vera Hartman (1 month ago)
Fuck Hackers!!!
Crossy Dojo (1 month ago)
The funny part is I know timmy
Bubba Banana (1 month ago)
promoting hacks are you fucking kidding me? you're pathetic.
Matt TW (1 month ago)
That kid at the start needs to kill himself he's so loud
Snow Wolf (1 month ago)
Why would you shout out a cheat website
Mavrix * (1 month ago)
3:16 "Kill the black guy he's hacking".
Wolf Playz (1 month ago)
supporting hacking.... seems fucked up, espacially rust. where you grind for shit only to have it taken by the hacks you support
Bashar_ Gamer (1 month ago)
How did you hacking
Hack GG fuck Noob!!!
Sam Knight (1 month ago)
DÈfault man thÈ magical Dan
Ak Blue (1 month ago)
Are you kidding me you are ruining every game for other people just to get views and its pathetic
Cooker Badge337 (1 month ago)
The hacks not in description
DELANOY (1 month ago)
how about kill people
Pyro VA (1 month ago)
And I quote: "Kill the black guy, he can see your name." Society be like.
GraveSky (1 month ago)
A living virus here..
MR-gameman- 07 (1 month ago)
3:17 racist 😂
Whytry (1 month ago)
You really promoting hacks? seriously? cunt
Aegyim 1 (1 month ago)
Hey I dont get why it's so bad that you can see their name before you're close?
Damian nl (1 month ago)
How can i get the hack that you can just only see where players animals and nodes are orso ? I dont like pvp only farming im shit at pvp xD
M1devilsparks9 (1 month ago)
How about y’all chill it’s not like he used them to try and dominate the server he used it for entertainment he walked around and told them their steam names the entire vid
J.J Builds (1 month ago)
Why do you have 810k subs yet you hack for fun, plus, your encouraging people to buy your hacks. this just ruins it for the community and gives facepunch a hard time trying to deal with fucking scumbags such as yourself, rot in hell you dumb fuck.
Joyful Muffin (1 month ago)
More rust
Michael Reamer (1 month ago)
I wanna hack lol😂
Ness - (1 month ago)
What did you think would happen
CanadianGentleMen (1 month ago)
So this guys a cunt who hacks is what I’m getting at, and spreads hacks. Nice nice.
StealthBomber09 (1 month ago)
Yo is the hack link real or virus cause I had one friend have it work one hot virus and my other friend just had nothing change help!!!!!!!!!!
F-U-2-2014 (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ the price for hacks is insane! I can't believe people really pay that much?
John Bothe (1 month ago)
So what’s your cut, getting these dumb kids to buy hacks from them? 25% ?
StokiePlayz (1 month ago)
Im selling a private Rust hack if u want to buy add me on Discord have full proof of it working! British#2541
Devin Flynn (1 month ago)
Isn't like almost illegal?
Alkaris (1 month ago)
EAC should of gotten you by now.
Mobil Dünyası (1 month ago)
Vay o.ç
Wolfers 010203 (1 month ago)
"Kill the black guy, hes a haker"
Rake (1 month ago)
Wow nice one make the game worst for other player get cheating website to sponsor you so 15 year olds buy it then cheat great
kieran johnson (1 month ago)
Your a wanker
OwlOAF (1 month ago)
Don’t promote hacks especially for this game people dedicate so much to this game and it’s shit when you have people cheating to raid your base or triple headshot you
Astero The man (1 month ago)
It don’t work
Disher (1 month ago)
that its fake ??
Whatever Forever (1 month ago)
Make more vids of rust
Вася Ясав (1 month ago)
ты че блять пидарас ?
Simon :D (1 month ago)
I want to fucking punch the fucking kid so hard
Nathan Perez (1 month ago)
Is the hack thing for mobile too
Chase Jackson (1 month ago)
Do a trolling spawn killers
LAF (1 month ago)
*simply reads name* 12 yr old: HACKER REEEEEEEEEEE
ORBITMAX (1 month ago)
Find hacks for ark and play it w hacks
Dutch aronson (1 month ago)
RustyBoi is the best we want more rust conteny
Joshyou Knoww (1 month ago)
Sorry I stopped watching cause of the annoying kid couldn’t handle that
BerryFast (1 month ago)
I love it when someone with 800k subs just supports and broadcasts cheatd
Stakorio _ (1 month ago)
freakstage (1 month ago)
How do you get your hacks/mods
Top5 Clan (1 month ago)
I have 3k hours and this is funny as fuck but you don’t know how annoying when people esp ur base
Zechidvjchi (1 month ago)
With your “hack” lol you mean the creators “hack”
Zechidvjchi (1 month ago)
“Inject the hack” lol you mean script
TG Icy (1 month ago)
Lol I was eating lemon hot Cheetos and then he comes out of nowhere

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